Full Moon Glastonbury ~ Summer Kundalini Yoga Retreat

Fri-Sun, 5-7 June, 2020

Awaken your Kundalini within on a Mystical, Magical & Spiritual weekend adventure. Glastonbury is known as the heart chakra of the world and the home of the holy grail. It's the ideal place for opening your heart to the Earth's energy and allowing your inner peace to flow.

Retreat Highlights

Daily Dose of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation


Get a Daily Dose of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation. We have morning Sadhana Practice, Angelic Reiki Healing & Activations with Gong Sound Baths long into the evening. 

Idyllic Country Cottage & Community


Connect with a warm community & like-minded people in a nurturing space. Relax, heal and recharge yourself. 

Pilgrimage The Tor and Chalice Well


Explore the mystical & magical landmarks including The Tor and Chalice Well. We will also visit Glastonbury cleansing spring to practice Ishnaan, cold water plunging!

Delicious Healthy Vegan Meals


Look forward to Green Smoothie break-fast bowls. Delicious Vegan meals each day. Locally foraged produce and plenty of fresh fruit.

Chocolate Making & Cocoa Ceremony


We will teach you how to make sacred raw chocolate followed by a ceremony to let go & call in your deepest desires.

Full Moon Glastonbury Rituals


Over the Full Moon weekend we will go Foraging and pratice Spell-Making with Sacred Ingredients. You will be making Spiritual Offerings to take home.

all inclusive retreat

Cosy Accommodation

The idyllic cottage is a cosy and relaxing space to heal. It offers shared rooms; 2x triple rooms, 2x twin/double rooms, and a single room on a first come first serve basis. The cottage is equipped with Kitchen, AGA cooker, Utility Room including Washer & Dryer, spacious Dining Room, Lounge/Yoga Space, Upstairs Bathroom (WC, Bath & Shower), Downstairs WC. We'll have daily nutritious vegan meals. Green smoothie breakfasts & plenty of healthy snacks including local organic produce.


Glastonbury - The Heart Chakra of the World 

Glastonbury is an international place of pilgrimage, where spiritual seekers with all kinds of different backgrounds come to deepen their journey. People with deeply-held religious convictions, spiritual currents, and personal development schools come together in Glastonbury to facilitate the opening of the heart and the alignment of the soul, the spirit, and the body. 

The town sits at the crossroads of different myths and spiritual currents – all of which live together and intermingle harmoniously. Christian mysticism and druid lore are woven in with Arthurian legends and stories about the realm of the fairies. 

As the heart chakra of the planet, Glastonbury truly is a place beyond duality. A trait mirrored in all of its landmarks, celebrating the union between masculine and feminine energies. It is one of the most sacred places on earth, one of the ancient mystery temples that is still active, and a place of deep alchemical transformation. There is an invisible dimension to Glastonbury that can only be seen and felt with an open heart. Its ancient name is “Avalon”, the mythical land of King Arthur, or “Ynnis Wythrin”, the magical realm of the fairies that lies hidden in the mists.

Victoria Amore - Retreat Facilitator

Victoria is a certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher and a Gong sound healing practitioner. She is a member of the Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association. She has 220-hr+ teacher training in the UK with Guru Dharam Khalsa. Her journey has taken her across Europe, India, Peru and LA. Victoria has taught and learnt alongside some of the world’s most renowned spiritual teachers and nurtured her craft. She shares the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and Mediation, Gong baths, sacred chanting, Angelic Reiki and intuitive healing.


Dates: Fri-Sun, 5-7 June, 2020

Early Bird

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Limited space to 11 Guests. Cost for the weekend Fri-Sun is £333. Accommodation, food and activities are included. The price will go up to £375 after 30 April. 

Payment Plan to spread the cost, please pay £97 initial deposit to confirm your place. The balance to be paid by 30 April:  

Double up bring your friend or partner. Email me for a Partner Promotion Rate:

There will be no refunds made for payments within 21 days of the retreat starting. 

Other stuff

Skill Level: 

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced - All abilities welcome.  

The retreat is open to Men & Women.  

How to get there: 

Postcode - BA6 8JG. 

2.5 hour drive from London - car sharing to be arranged.  

Street parking available at cottage.  

Trains and buses also run frequently to Glastonbury from London and surrounding areas. Recommended train route from London is to go from Paddington Station to Bristol Temple Meads. From there, you can get a regular bus service (376) to Glastonbury.


Retreat Schedule

Friday Full Moon

4pm - Arrive at the cottage

5pm - Opening Circle

6pm - Evening Meal

7pm - Gathering - Kirtan - Devotional chanting

*(Times & events subject to change depending on group) 


5.30am - Sadhana morning practice

8am - Break-fast

9am - Kundalini Meditation & Activations

12pm - Lunch

1pm - Pilgrimage to the Spring & Tor  

6pm - Evening Meal 

7.30pm - Evening Kundalini & Angelic Healing  

9pm - Late night Gong Bath


5.30am - Sadhana (for those that dare!)

7am - Fire Ceremony

8am - Break-fast

9am - Kundalini Meditation & Magic Creating

12pm - Lunch 

1pm - Energy Exploration

3pm - Closing Ceremony  

4pm - Finish - all welcome to stay for food & tidy up!

Glastonbury 'Full Moon' Retreat - June 2020